Monday, June 2, 2008

Search for accredited online degree & diploma

Why we need Online Colleges and Universities

Bricks and mortar colleges and universities versus online colleges and universities

My country used to have very good and well ranked University and Colleges (bricks and mortar). Unfortunately, because of some flawed policies like the shift away from English as the medium of instruction and especially the affirmative programs, none of my country's universities was ranked in the first 200 of all the universities of the world. My nieces and nephew were separated from their parents at a tender age and went for matriculation and tertiary education overseas. If the parents wanted their children to be at home, they should look for good online accredited college or university.

Working people plus those living in remote areas

Some people may have to hold a job prematurely for survival or to support aged parents of younger siblings. Such people may still harbor ambitions of getting a diploma or degree. Some people may be living in remote areas and not keen to relocate. For these groups of people, good accredited colleges or universities will suit them fine.

What is educational accreditation?

Products, facilities and services including education can vary widely. Consumers and users of various facilities and services obviously will want an authoritative organization to rank them and give an accredited status to those which passed the litmus tests. This is quality control. In the case of educational accreditation, the services (teaching) and facilities (infrastructure) and product (diploma or degree) are assessed and those diplomas and degrees that made the grade are given accredited status.

Employers when hiring often have the results as indicated in the diplomas and degrees of candidates perhaps supplemented by face-to-face interviews. Most employers will give preference to candidates with diplomas or degrees that are accredited.

Searching for online courses, diplomas or degrees

Online colleges and universities offering all sorts of courses have mushroomed and one can't be blamed if one gets bewildered by the huge choices. This online education website says they have 524 Online Training and Certification, a huge selection. But fret not for they have a search box which in addition to the normal search, also have an advanced search. See screen shot below:

advanced online certificates diploma degree search

That educational website offers Certificate Programs & Online Diplomas and Career Training plus others.

If you are seeking opportunities in education, check them out as they have other programs as well.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Search engine: online educational programs

With the introduction of the Internet, those who want to advance their career now have the option of enrolling in online educational programs. Now there are probably thousands of such online educational websites, and I think how the websites had been online is probably one of the criteria that you can use to evaluate the quality of the online educational programs.

This online colleges and degrees and program and this website Online Degrees and Colleges
says they have been helping those looking for online educational programs since 1999, that is, for a full 9 years through their powerful search engine which can search their entire website for various online educational websites. The online educational website also have links to various categories, for example, Nursing including registered nurse ("RN"). There is a shortage of Registered Nurse worldwide and if this is your choice of vocation, you should have no problem finding a job as a Registered Nurse, and in some countries, they are quite well paid.

Choosing a suitable online educational program involves some hard thinking and decision, but that online educational website even have a where you can go to get online educational programs advisor.

Of course enrolling in an accredited educational program and you can chose to search for only accredited educational programs.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Unable to attend College:Online degrees

There are students aspiring to obtain diplomas, associate degrees or degrees who are unable to physically attend College of Universities or perhaps only able physically to attend Colleges or Universities part-time or only online. They may need to hold a job to survive. There are students aspiring to obtain diplomas, associate degrees or degrees or even doctorates who are unable to physically attend College of Universities or perhaps only able physically to attend Colleges or Universities full-time, but only study online and/or do their studies part-time. If you are in this situation, what can you do? For these unfortunate students, they can consider signing up for online educational institutions.

Online colleges or universities

Now this online education website says that for 9 years (from 1999), they have been successfully helping such students search for specialized career training and online education websites with their powerful search engine which can find many online educational programs as well as tools to evaluating such offering such online educational programs plus resources available to them. This will be most helpful as students like these would most likely need financial assistance.

They also have an advanced search for online accredited online educational institutions divided into 3 sections:

You can search for

  1. Online Degrees
  2. Certificates and Programs
  3. Courses and Training
  4. Colleges and Schools
  5. All

More advanced degrees

  1. Associate's
  2. Bachelor's
  3. Master's
  4. Doctorate
  5. All
  6. Bachelor's
  7. Master's
  8. Doctorate
  9. All

Accredited institutions only

There is also a section where you can tick a box to show search results for accredited institutions only, in which case the search result page will only show accredited educational establishments.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Nursing profession nursing uniforms

Nursing as a profession

Nursing is a noble profession and not one that is the easiest to practice. But with the current shortage of nurses world wide, there is great demand for nurses and if you get your formal training and qualification as a nurse, you will be in demand world wide and can be highly mobile and can be quite sure you will be welcomed in many countries. However, there is one aspect of nursing that some may not like - they have to wear a nurse uniform like one in the photo below:

traditional nurse uniformPhoto of a nurse in uniform is property of Willie Eckerslike

For modern, fashionable women, that requirement to wear a traditional nurse uniform may be a deterrent to enter this noble and highly needed profession.

What is nursing uniform (nurse uniform) and why?

A nursing uniform or nurse uniform is uniform worn by nurses for hygienic and identification purposes. A nursing uniform (nurse uniform) comprises a dress, apron and cap and is easily recognizable by most in my country. However, from this online merchant website Nursing Uniforms, nursing uniform (probably in the United States of America) has gone very modern and fashionable and would hardly be recognizable as a nurse uniform in my country, except for a very exceptional few. However, I would expect that in a highly developed and ultra modern country like the United States of America with strict standard for everything, I would expect the hygienic aspect is not compromised. And I would not doubt that the more fashionable nursing uniforms like the Medical Scrubs would be highly appreciated by the American nurses and make nursing a more attractive profession. Look at this more modern nursing uniform for example

modern nurse uniform

That is what I would consider to be quite near to a traditional nursing uniform. Browse through categories of nursing uniforms like Dickies Scrubs and you will see more modern and fashionable nursing uniforms that would be highly appreciated by our modern women. You want to browse through more, try Landau Scrubs.

Hopefully this trend of allowing more modern and fashionable nurse uniforms will reach my country very soon as our hospitals are facing an acute shortage of nurses, and I believe allowing such modern and fashionable nurse uniforms will persuade more of our women join the noble nursing profession.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

The Nurse Is In

The Nurse Is In
by: Low Jeremy

Do you have compassion for the sick and those that need your attention? Do you have the patience for long hours, devoting your attention and care for hospital patients? Perhaps, over and beyond these aspects, you just want to be able to try out the lucrative and rewarding career of nurses. Whatever your reasons and motivations, a vocational nursing school will be able to help you in your endeavor.

As you may know, there is a shortage of nurses in the United States and they are even looking to hiring nurses from other countries just to be able to fill the demand. Take advantage of the signing bonuses and other incentives that are being offered by hospitals for qualified people to accept nursing jobs at their hospitals.

To aid you on your quest, check out All Nursing Schools ( This site is a veritable treasure trove of anything and everything about vocational nursing schools. As its name connotes, they offer a listing of hundreds of vocational nursing schools in the United States.

Furthermore, this site is recommended because its search interface is easy and very useful. The search interface allows you to further narrow your search down to 25, 50 or 100 mile distances from your area. Aside from this, you can check or tick an option for whether you prefer online vocational nursing schools to even further narrow your search and widen the probability of finding the perfect vocational nursing school for you and your needs.

As mentioned earlier, aside from the fantastic search function on the site, All Nursing Schools is a wonderful resource on anything and everything about nursing. On your first visit, I suggest you check out first their Frequently Asked Questions page to help you getting a clearer understanding and picture of the nursing sector and how to go about finding the right nursing school for you if you continue to choose to take this path.

Also, don't forget to check out this site's featured schools as well as the different diplomas and degrees you may want to learn more about to further yourself in your nursing career. Whatever the case and need, the All Nursing Schools site will certainly be a great help to you on your journey to and through a nursing career.

First, it will help you find the perfect vocational nursing school to jumpstart your career, and then further down the road, you can still use the site to keep abreast and up to date on new trends as well as guides on different diplomas and certificates that keep you one step closer to the ultimate in your chosen path of nursing.

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This content is provided by Low Jeremy. It may be used only in its entirety with all links included. For more information on Vocational Schools & other useful information, please visit Vocational Schools.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Online Schools: the Changing Face of K12 Student Learning

Online Schools: the Changing Face of K12 Student Learning
by: Susan Bond

With each decade the face of education has changed to reflect the current trends in education. The policy initiatives of each president, governor, community leader and parent have been aimed at transforming children's learning environments into the ideal situation. While these initiatives may never succeed to meet every child's needs the combined result of their work has created an environment where education can now be tailored to meet the needs of every child through online schools.

Much like the advent of the search engine and booking our own airline travel, the Internet has introduced the nation to online education. To many, the commercial products available from higher education degree granting giants like the University of Phoenix define online learning. However, to a growing population of Americans, online schools have come to define the middle ground between home schooling and personalized public education.

While charter schools continue to spring up across the country, there are a select few that have been created in the charter school mold simply because the education establishment can not keep pace with today's innovations. In Ohio for example, the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT) was created in 2000 not to revolutionize charter schools, but to bring to Ohio's children and families leading education content in a format designed to enable every child to succeed. ECOT provides every child with an education option that delivers to each student exactly what they need while providing the comprehensive state standards based education that is the hallmark of successful public and private schools.

Other online schools and content companies such as the Florida Virtual Academy and K12 Education are part of a growing trend that brings together the real-life education community and the technology community. In many instances this partnership is a thorn in the side of traditional education and educators who see only standard classrooms as the answer to the ills of the American k-12 system

Online schools have revolutionized the workplace for skilled teachers and administrators. The result of this union is the ability to create a tailored classroom for gifted, struggling and needs-based students that, until the advent of online learning, were often segregated to specialty teaching groups to meet their potential.

The education landscape has changed and for many brick and mortar school districts this is a hard fact to face. The local school boards and education departments in America have begun to realize that business as usual isn't he solution to a rapidly advancing world and have begun to embrace the assets of online education.

Unlike the as-we-know-it classroom the online environment can be adjusted to meet the needs of every child and instill the state standards required of students since the advent of the No Child Left Behind Act without stagnating the classroom experience. From thousands of courses to graduation test practice sessions and immediate intervention opportunities, online schools offers to the students and families of 2006 what the computer breakthroughs of the past several decades offered to the business community. Simply put, online schools have the ability to provide every individual with the right information in the right format at the right time for optimal success.

Online schools were once considered the wave of the future. That future is now and the online revolution continues to shape the world of real life education without the boundaries of classroom walls.

About The Author

Susan Bond works for - used by several high schools and school districts, including an Ohio online school.