Friday, February 29, 2008

Nursing profession nursing uniforms

Nursing as a profession

Nursing is a noble profession and not one that is the easiest to practice. But with the current shortage of nurses world wide, there is great demand for nurses and if you get your formal training and qualification as a nurse, you will be in demand world wide and can be highly mobile and can be quite sure you will be welcomed in many countries. However, there is one aspect of nursing that some may not like - they have to wear a nurse uniform like one in the photo below:

traditional nurse uniformPhoto of a nurse in uniform is property of Willie Eckerslike

For modern, fashionable women, that requirement to wear a traditional nurse uniform may be a deterrent to enter this noble and highly needed profession.

What is nursing uniform (nurse uniform) and why?

A nursing uniform or nurse uniform is uniform worn by nurses for hygienic and identification purposes. A nursing uniform (nurse uniform) comprises a dress, apron and cap and is easily recognizable by most in my country. However, from this online merchant website Nursing Uniforms, nursing uniform (probably in the United States of America) has gone very modern and fashionable and would hardly be recognizable as a nurse uniform in my country, except for a very exceptional few. However, I would expect that in a highly developed and ultra modern country like the United States of America with strict standard for everything, I would expect the hygienic aspect is not compromised. And I would not doubt that the more fashionable nursing uniforms like the Medical Scrubs would be highly appreciated by the American nurses and make nursing a more attractive profession. Look at this more modern nursing uniform for example

modern nurse uniform

That is what I would consider to be quite near to a traditional nursing uniform. Browse through categories of nursing uniforms like Dickies Scrubs and you will see more modern and fashionable nursing uniforms that would be highly appreciated by our modern women. You want to browse through more, try Landau Scrubs.

Hopefully this trend of allowing more modern and fashionable nurse uniforms will reach my country very soon as our hospitals are facing an acute shortage of nurses, and I believe allowing such modern and fashionable nurse uniforms will persuade more of our women join the noble nursing profession.